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News 2016

13th of March

I am so very happy to announce that this adorable baby girl will move to us the 25th of March.

I am so very ecxited :)

❤ Chervood's Snow Sera by Mister S ❤

Her call name will be Greta ❤

Thank you so very much Rita & Anne, Kennel Chervood's for letting her move to us ❤ ❤

❤ Chervood's Snow Sera by Mister S ❤

❤ Greta ❤


8 weeks in this photo

Photo: ©Tine Olofsson

❤ Chervood's Snow Sera by Mister S ❤

❤ Greta ❤


6 weeks in this photo

Photo: ©Kennel Chervood's

❤ Chervood's Snow Sera by Mister S ❤

❤ Greta ❤


12 weeks in this photo

Photo: ©Kennel Chervood's

❤ Chervood's Snow Sera by Mister S ❤

❤ Greta ❤


8 weeks in this photo

Photo: ©Tine Olofsson

13th of February

❤ My beautiful boy "Karlsson" ❤



Mingla's Dunder-Karlsson

6th of February

SSRK (Swedish Spaniel & Retriver Club) Mjölby, judge Torbjörns Skar

My boy Karlsson was BOS & BOB-Veteran :)

News 2015

From all of us to all of you


Merry Christmas


Happy New Year!

13th of December

Couldn't be more proud and happier over my beautiful boy Karlsson :) Today at Nordic Winner Show in Stockholm

he became Best Veteran and Nordic Veteran Winner 2015 and 2nd Best Male :) Judge: Carole Coode.

And in a very large Veteran BIS final he was shortlisted, he was 1 of the 8 the judge picked out :)


❤ Tired heroes ❤

16th of August

Back home again from a very sunny,warm and wonderful day at SKK NAT show in Eskilstuna.

My boy Karlsson was BOB and BOB-Veteran and shortlisted in group 8 final :) Judge: Ann-Christine Johansson, Sweden.

I'm so proud of him. It's a joy showing him and he really loves it.

Now he is sleeping and snoring loud and clear :)

8th of August

Happy happy happy :)

SKK NAT Askersund judge: Filip Johnsson, Sweden.

My boy Karlsson once again BOB and BOB-VETERAN :)

And he ended the day by becoming BIS-4 VETERAN :) under judge Anette Edlander, Sweden.

I couldn't be more proud and happy over my big beautiful clown Karlsson :)

19th of July

Home again after spending a great day with lovely friends and it was filled with lots of laughs :) The sun has been shining and it was quite windy......Tomorrow I will probably look like a stoplight, LOL! My boy Karlsson was shortlisted in BIS-Veteran final :)

I am so very proud of him and it's a joy showing him :)


SKK INT Dog Show, Köping, judge Ralph Dunne, Ireland

BOB & BOB-Veteran - CH Mingla's Dunder-Karlsson

14th of June

Today it was the big premiere for my boy Karlsson in Veteranclass :)

We have been in Gränna at SSRK:s show. Judge was Janka Janeková, Slovakia

Karlsson was BOB and BOB-Veteran :)

And he ended up the day by becoming BIS-4 Veteran :) Tjohooooo :)

8th of June

Happy 8th Birthday to my beautiful big clow Karlsson :)

Love him to bits!

Today I received the most beautiful gift from my sweet friend Penny White Parker! An absolutely amazingly beautiful painting of my baby boy Ragnar by Pippa Thew. You have catch him perfect!!!! You are a fantastic artist, so very talented Pippa!

To my sweet friend Penny...From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!

16th of May

I can't hardly believe it...

My beautiful boy Karlsson did it again :)

Best male for the 3rd year in a row :) and then he went.....


...for the 2nd year in a row at our Club Show!!!


Thank you so very much judge Bertil Lundgren, Sweden, for thinking so highly of my boy Karlsson!!!


16th of May

On the way to this year's Club Show with mixed feelings..

Our deeply loved baby boy Ragnar should have been with us to 💔

Thought that I would stayed home but my beloved and wise Tomas said that we should absolutely go there.

He is right..."it's better to go there and do something that both Karlsson and I love ❤"

and we also get to meet a lot of like-minded friends and their wonderful clumbers ❤

13th of May

Tomas and I are heartbroken.....

Today we had to say goodbye to our deeply loved baby boy Ragnar.

We know in our hearts that we made the right decision and we did it because we loved you so much.

But it hurts so much and we can't stop crying. I wish I could hug and kiss you just one more time.

Now you are free from pain and you are toghether with Thea

and all the others who have crossed The Rainbow Bridge.

We know in our hearts that one day we will meet again.

Run free our deeply loved baby boy Ragnar.


"Now this is not the place for a broken hearted.

Cause this is the end of the rainbow.

Where no one can be too sad.

No, I don't wanna leave but must keep moving ahead.

Cause my life belongs to the other side.

Behind the great ocean's waves.

I take a part of you with me now and you won't get it back.

And a part of me will stay here, you can keep it forever."


Spice Twice Seglinge


2011-12-09 - 2015-05-13

23rd of February

Here are some photos of my boy "Karlsson" from Swedish Club Shows :)

I am so looking forward showing him as a Veteran, he will be 8 years in June.

He is a once in a lifetime dog and I love him to bits!

2008 - Best Dog, Best Head, BIS-2 Junior & BIS-2

at the age of 13 months.

Judge: Paula Ercoli, USA.


2009 - 3rd Best Dog.

Judge: Ralph Dunne, Ireland.


2012 - 3rd Best Dog.

Judge: Ian Layfield, England.


2013 - Best Dog & BIS-2.

Judge: Marie Engström, Sweden.


2014 - Best Dog & BIS at the age of 7 years.

Judge: Lee Cox, England.



11th of January

Finally we have got snow and my boys "Karlsson" & "Ragnar" are so happy :)

Winter and snow is absolutely their favourite time of the year! They are flying, running and playing

and it's hard to believe that that my boy "Karlsson" will be 8 years in June.

It's a joy watching them :)

My beautiful Clown "Karlsson"


Mingla's Dunder-Karlsson

My beautiful Baby Boy "Ragnar"


Spice Twice Seglinge

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