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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

"Karlsson, Magda & Thea"

My Three sweehearts

"Karlsson, Magda & Thea"

  • 30th of November 2009 This weekend I went to Lilleström in Norway at the Norwegian kennelclub winnershow. Karlsson got CC, Cacib and went BOB judged by Ewa Nielsen from Sweden. Karlsson is also now NO UCH and NO V-09:))))

Congrats to Annika´s Ch Sugar Loaf Taj Mahal who went BOS and Sugar Loaf Tulipa Tarda who got CC and of course to Kristina's Ch Mingla´s

Gubben i Lådan who was 2nd best male!

"Karlsson" went NO V-09 & NO UCH & BOB at Norwegian kennelclub Winnershow in Lilleström

  • 26th of August 2009 I was in Södertälje at SSRK:s show this weekend and Karlsson went BOB judged by Vidar Grundetjern from Norway.

The BIS final was also judged by Vidar Grundetjern and Karlsson became BIS-3!!! :):):) I am so proud of Karlsson, he is such a sweet little boy.


On Sunday we went to Vallentuna at SKK:s National show and Karlsson was BOB judged by Paul Stanton. He wasn´t placed in the groupfinal

but it was really a nice day anyway. Thanks Madde for showing Karlsson for me in Vallentuna!


"Karlsson" became BIS-3 at SSRK:s show in Södertälje

Me and Karlsson
  • 17th of August 2009 I have been at SKK:s International show i Norrköping with Karlsson and he got CACIB and went BOB

judged by Stefan Sinko.

  • 5th of August 2009 We have been at Club Show in Björknas this weekend. Ralph Dunne from Ireland was the judge of the show. The weather was terrible, it was raining all day long (almost). The girls were at home so I only had Karlsson with me. He was placed 2nd in champion class and later on he became 3rd in Best male competition :):):) so I am very pleased with his placement.

Big congratulations to Karlsson brother Charlie (Mingla's Polis Klang) who was BIS-r, he had come all the way from Norway.

"Karlsson" 2nd in Championclass & 3rd Best Male at Club Show 2009

Me and Karlsson
  • 20th of July 2009 Yesterday we had a great day at SKK:s International show i Köping. Karlsson got his last CC so now he is Swedish Champion, SE U(U)CH. He also got Cacib and became BOB, the judge was Ann Gormley from Ireland. In the group final my friend Madde Edin showed Karlsson for me because I was so nervous, my legs was shaking. And she really did a great job with Karlsson, he became BOG-2!!! :) :) :) Thank you Madde for all your help and support!!! You are the best :) and Big congratulations to "Tobbes" BOG-3!!!

"Karlsson" BOG-2 & Swedish Champion at SKK:s International show in Köping

  • 26th of May 2009 I have been on two show this weekend. SKK:s Internationel show i Österbybruk, Karlsson got CC, Cacib and became BOB judged by Jens Karlsson. At SSRK:s show in Almare Karlsson got CC and was BOB again, judged by Colin Woodward, Great Britain.
  • 11th of May 2009 Karlsson and me have just arrived home from Gotland, we have been on SSRK:s show. At the show on Saturday it was Vidar Grundetjern from Norway who judged the clumbers. Karlsson got CC and became BOB.

The judge on Sunday was Rune Fagerström from Finland and Karlsson got CC and became BOB again :) and in the final which was judged

by Vidar Grundetjern "Karlsson" became BEST IN SHOW!!! :) :) :) I am so very happy and proud of my Beautiful boy!


"Karlsson" BEST IN SHOW at SSRK:s at Gotland

Me and Karlsson
  • 26th of April 2009 Yesterday Karlsson was in Vasteras at SKK:s show. He got CC and became BOB, judged by Jouko Leiviskä from Finland. The final of Group 8 was judged by Tino Pehar from Croatia, and Karlsson wasn't top five but he was one of seven that the judge had picked out. But I was very pleased and happy anyway.
  • 14th of April 2009 Finally my computer is fixed after the "crash". Today we celibrate our little Thea because it is her 7th birtday and Magda went 9 years 12th of March. Karlsson has also been on some shows and he has became BOB and he has got 2 CC. In March Karlsson and me started in an obidience course and he is really doing well but when we are at home training I think he has forgotten everything that he has learnt at the course ;)
  • 24th of December 2008 MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  • 19th of September 2008 We have been in Dingtuna last Saturday and "Karlsson" got CC and became BOB, judged by Hannele Jokisilta from Finland. The BIS-final was judged by Bjarne Sörensen from Norway and our little "Karlsson" went BIS-reserve.
  • 25th of August 2008 "Karlsson" has been on two shows last weekend. We went to Norrköping on the 16th of August and "Karlsson" got CC and became BOS, judged by Anatoli Zhuk from Belarus. The day after we went to Nyköping and the judge was Kennth Edh from Sweden. "Karlsson" got CC again and he became BOB.
  • 8th of August 2008 Last weekend we were at the Swedish Club Show in Fegen, the judge was Ms Paula Ercoli, USA. It appeared to be a fantastic weekend with lots of tears of joy. Our little "Karlsson" (Mingla's Dunder-Karlsson) first won Junior dog class and later on he became Best dog in Best Dog Competition and he also won Best Head. In the late afternoon when it was time for BEST IN SHOW it appeared that "Lussan" (Mingla´s Prussiluskan) had became Best bitch in Best Bitch Competition ("Lussan" is "Karlsson's" sister). It was "Lussan" who became BIS and "Karlsson" became BIS-r. Kennel Mingla's also became Best Breeder Group and mama "Yippi" (SUCH SVCH Sugar Loaf Old Faithful) went for Best Progeny Group. Congratulations to you Kristina, kennel Mingla's for a sucessful weekend and we also want to give you a special thanks for our supercharming wonderful little boy.
BIS Lussan & BIS-2 Karlsson

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