Clumber Spaniels

Swedish Spaniel & Retriver club in Gränna 15th of June

Breed judge; Lilian Jonsson, Sweden

BIS judge; Bertil Lundgren, Sweden



C.I.E NORD UCH NO V-09 NO V-10 NORD V-11 SE V-12

Mingla's Dunder-Karlsson


14th of April

Happy Birthday to our precious old lady "Thea"

JWW-03 SE U(U)CH Vrethöjdens Toppmurkla who will turn 12 years today, 14th of April!

We also sends Birthday wishes to her brothers "Morris" Vrethöjdens Smörsopp &

"Maurice" Vrethöjdens Karl Johan!

9th of December

Happy Birthday to our baby boy "Ragnar" Spice Twice Seglinge

who will become 3 years today!!!

Happy Birthday wishes to his siblings too!

13th of October

The day I have feared of sadly has come...


Today we had to say goodbye to our precious girl "Thea"

JWW-03 SE U(UCH) Vrethöjdens Toppmurkla and let her cross over The Rainbow Bridge.

You stayed with us for 12.5 years and you have give us so much love and joy.

I know in my heart that we made the right decision but we miss you more than words can describe.


Now you are together again with your "mommy Hulda", "Magda" and "Bernie"

and all the others that have crossed over The Rainbow Bridge...


Run free our precious old girl...

I know in my heart that one day we will meet again...


16th of August

The highlight of the year is Club Show and this year it was held in Eskilstuna. The judge was Lee Cox from England.

It was a fanstastic day with lots of happy tears :) My baby boy "Ragnar" Spice Twice Seglinge was 5th best male and my big clown "Karlsson" Mingla's Dunder-Karlsson was best male for the second time in a row and he ended the day become BEST IN SHOW!!!

I am so very happy and proud of both my boys!!!

15th of August

My boys "Ragnar" & "Karlsson" are ready for Club Show :)

11th of August

Home again after a wonderful trip to Word Winner Dog Show 2014 in Helsinki, Finland. We went with our friends Madde and Lars and their Bracco boys. We had so much fun and we laughed a lot :)

It was really nice meeting old friends and new friends :) and I want to say; Congratulations to you all :)


My boys "Ragnar" and "Karlsson" did really well and I am very happy and proud of them! "Ragnar" was placed 2nd i open class with excellent and "Karlsson" was 3rd in champion class with excellent too :) The judge was Dan Ericsson from Sweden.

Thank you so very much my dear friend Madde for showing "Ragnar" for me! You both looked fantastic!!!

News 2014

Wishing you all

A Happy New Year!!!


May all your dreams come true...

Merry Christmas!!!

"Santa Karlsson & Santa Ragnar"
"Birthday boy Ragnar"

17th of October

Today I received "Klumpisen" I was and still are so very proud so I will probably burst soon when reading "Comments from the judge" from our Club Show in August :) Thank you so very much Lee Cox for thinking so highly of my boy!!!


I just have to share what Lee Cox wrote about my boy "Karlsson" in "Klumpisen"!


"My BIS is near a veteran but can still show some of the youngsters how to move. To have a Clumber male of his age in such suberb form and condition is no mean feat and his ownder is to be commended. I first saw him at Crufts a few years ago and I loved him then. He is a superb Clumber Spaniel with all the Essentials but without being overdone. On the move he can really cover the ground with such power yet so very little effort. He keeps his typical outline in profile with firm topline. His personality is added little extra that makes a good dog great and he has it in bucket loads. He is a credit to not only his breeder and owner but also to the breed itself". /Lee Cox


JWW-03 SE U(UCH) Vrethöjdens Toppmurkla


2002-04-14 - 2014-10-13

Karlsson painted by Pat Pencak

12th of September

Today I received the most beautiful painting of my boy "Karlsson"!


From the bottom of my heart...

Thank you so very much dear Pat Pencak!!!

You are an amazing artist and so very talented!!!

Me crying happy tears and hugging the judge Lee Cox right after he gave me and my boy "Karlsson"

the red BEST IN SHOW rosette :)

The critique judge Lee Cox wrote about my boy "Karlsson" :)

BIS Karlsson & BIS-2  Alva

Club Show 2014

Judge: Lee Cox, England


BIS CH Mingla's Dunder-Karlsson

BIS-2 CH Libells Always On My Mind

Here is a slideshow from Club Show of my boys

Photos: Janne Lauhkonen & Tomas Olofsson


"Ragnar" Spice Twice Seglinge


"Karlsson" Mingla's Dunder-Karlsson



C.I.E NORD UCH NO V-09 NO V-10 NORD V-11 SE V-12

Mingla's Dunder-Karlsson





Spice Twice Seglinge



Me and Madde with our boys

"Karlsson", "Ragnar", "Tobbe"

and "Carl-Philip"

I found some really nice clumber things :)

"Our two legged boys"

Tomas and Lars :)


15th of June

First show since December 2013.....and my beautiful boy "Karlsson" became BIS-2 today at Swedish Spaniel & Retriver club in Gränna!!! I am so very proud and happy :) He is a joy to show and he loves every second of it, a once in a lifetime dog!


Big Congratulations to Tinna and her adorable baby boy "Texas" Mingla's St James Park who became BIS-3 Puppy II

Me and "Karlsson"


8th of June

Happy Birthday to our charming big clown "Karlsson"

C.I.E NORD UCH NO V-09 NO V-10 NORD V-11 SE V-12

Mingla's Dunder-Karlsson who will turn 7 years today, 8th of June!!!

We also sends Birthday wishes to his siblings!

"Birthday boy Karlsson"
"Birthday girl Thea"

14th of April

My new website is under construction, still a lot to do but it's a start :)

I hope you will enjoy it so far :)

Clumber Spaniels since 1979